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20th August 14

 Welcome to Inglewood Junior School

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School Holidays




School Holidays



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Message from the Head Teacher

Inglewood Junior School has a clear, positive vision that "All are valued, horizons broadened and achievement celebrated".  The positive approach ensures that Inglewood provides a happy, safe and secure environment in which your child will thrive and develop intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically, whilst also really enjoying their time at school.

Our Ofsted inspection found Inglewood to have "a very welcoming ethos, where adults provide outstanding levels of care, pupils receive good guidance and support to make the best of their opportunities."  This key report also celebrated the enriching curriculum and the innovative work we have done in putting together creative themed weeks of learning. 

To further build our positive reputation within the local community, I hope you will support our dedicated staff in striving to deliver the highest possible academic standards for your child.  I am confident that your partnership with Inglewood Junior School will be happy and rewarding.




Yours sincerely

David Grimshaw